Arnhem Land

In June 2016 I travelled to the tippy top of Australia to Garig Gunak Barlu National Park in northern Arnhem Land. Along the way we visited Boodjamulla National Park  south of the Gulf of Carpenteria, and Limmen National Park on the western side of the Gulf. Here are a few snippets …

We are in the outback town of Borroloola, a town in the Northern Territory on the Gulf of Carpentaria up in the very top of Australia. We are having a wonderful time, driving through beautiful tropical Savannah landscapes and visiting remote national parks. We just spent 5 days in Boodjamula National Park in far northern Queensland, a series of freshwater gorges cut out of brilliant red rocky sandstone country by Lawn Hill Creek.
Boodjamulla National Park
Boodjamulla National Park incorporates part of the old Riversleigh Station, which is a World Heritage fossil site. At the Riversleigh fossil sites we saw 25 million year old fossils, mostly aquatic vertebrates such as crocodiles, lungfish, frogs and turtles. Ancient koalas, kangaroos, bats, giant emu-like birds, platypus, wombat-like marsupials, a 15myo bilby, marsupial lions and small possums and bandicoots have also been unearthed here. Enough to boggle the mind.
freshwater crocodile in Lawn Hill Gorge at Boodjamulla NP

 Garig Gunak Barlu NP        IMG_5632

Gunig Gurak Barlu NP
a rough idea of where we went

5 thoughts on “Arnhem Land”

  1. I claim prime position for the armchair-traveller peanut gallery. Riversleigh! the Gulf! Arnhem land… I found myself mumbling Arafura, Arafura as I read, it made little turquoise swirls in my mind…… + Fiona! How good was that!
    Love to youse all….

  2. Fabulous. Divine photos!! Glad you kept up above crocodile waters. Limmen looks amazing. See you soon xx

  3. Gorgeous photos and tales from afar, I love it! A place that hosts Lovely Fairy-wrens and Apostlebirds and Babblers and cute roos and not so cute crocs is where I want to be… Thanks for sharing with us, Holly!

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