Holly’s HB update #2 April 2016

Update #2  18 April 2016

Hi all

If you haven’t been there yet, check out my fundraising/awareness-raising page to see what this is all about.

Women in science changing the world Share Holly’s journey as one of 78 women scientists becoming empowered to more powerfully shape our planet&#…

So much has happened since we last corresponded. Thank you those who have donated towards my trip expenses – I am 75% of the way to reaching my target. Thank you everyone else who wants to participate in the voyage and come along with me on a journey into the unknown. If you receive this email and do not want to be on my mailing list or want me to use a different address, please let me know.

My plan is to use a WordPress blog to tell stories about what we on the Homeward Bound Project are experiencing, the good, the beautiful, the conflict, the tears and fears. I will send the WordPress blog link to everyone on this list and you can choose sign in to follow along – you will receive email notifications when there is an update. Please feel free to share, forward or pass on the blogs, the more people this reaches the merrier. Please LIKE the Homeward Bound fb page to get more info on what is going on before during and after the voyage to Antarctica.


Also the HB website has lots of info and is being constantly updated.


Under the “voyage” tab on the HB website there is an underlined “Homeward Bound 2016 Draft Itinerary”. Click on this underlined phrase to get to the ship’s planned trip in December 2016. The rest of the “Voyage” page is about the leadership and science program aims.

I just re-read the ship’s itinerary and got goosebumps!! It is a pretty standard tourist trip to Antarctica, but the detail in the description by our Expedition Leader Greg Mortimer, who worked there as a geologist years ago and has been on nearly 100 trips there since, is breathtaking. Also the way the voyage will inform the discussions and learnings about strategy and leadership sound pretty cool.

I am starting to meet some of the women who have been selected for this program, and am awed by what they do – evolutionary biologist, neurosurgeon, meteorologist, disruptive social scientist, transformational change researcher, climate scientist, psychologist, PhD candidate in the response of krill to climate change, albatross expert, astronomer, shark researcher, ecosystem modeller, science journalist, lots of environmental educators, all with inspiring stories. Eventually we will have profiles and pictures of everyone on the website. Meanwhile, one of the participants is doing this her own way, via a website called Penguin Offset. She is crocheting a penguin which suits the character of each of the participants on the voyage, and raising funds to offset the penguins we will annoy while in the Antarctic.

Kay Penguin

Check it out, there is a Kay Penguin profile for my mother Kay North! She is a Magellenic Penguin.  Penguin Offset – Homeward Bound Penguins

Penguin Offset – Homeward Bound Penguins A weekly crochet penguin representing an outstanding woman scientist destined to save the world. Help me and the…

To give you an idea of the ambitious scope of this project, here is a peak at the faculty involved in our program. In addition to the blurb below from the HB website it was confirmed last week that Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)  has been signed up as part of the global faculty. The global faculty will be filmed prior to the expedition and appear via video onboard. The onboard faculty will be with us onboard and on land in Antarctica.

The expedition will be led by Greg Mortimer OAM, who has led more than 80 expeditions to the Antarctic. Globally recognised women of influence, including Dr Jane Goodall, Primatologist and environmental activist, Franny Armstrong, one of the world’s 100 most influential women, Sylvia Earle (famous marine ecologist and celebrated activist filmed by James Cameron in Mission Blue), will be filmed for the expedition, talking directly about their journey as women of influence.

Dr Jane Goodall with my mate Sean Willmore of the Thin Green Line Foundation

Dr Justine Shaw (University of Queensland), Dr Mary-Anne Lea (IMAS, University of Tasmania) and Dr Jess Melbourne-Thomas (Australian Antarctic Division) will coordinate and deliver a cutting edge science programme to participants incorporating the most up to date and relevant research about the state and functioning of our planet. Also on Board will be Dr Susan David, an internationally recognised thought leader operating at the nexus of business and psychology and a Harvard A-lister, Kit Jackson a globally recognised strategist based in the UK, together with Fabian Dattner and a team of scientific, leadership and strategic coaches. Twelve people in all, will deliver program content to change the lives of the women on board.

The major aims of Homeward Bound are to elevate each participant’s leadership capabilities, to refine their skills to design and execute strategy, and devise plans for future collaborations as women working towards a sustainable future.




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