Holly’s HB update #3 May 2016

Update #3   14 May 2016

Dear Holly’s HB support team,

It’s time for a monthly update. Even though Antarctica is 7 months away, we’ve all been busy doing stuff and getting ready.

I did some online shopping and bought some really warm but thin Merino wool layers from Macpac’s clearance sale in New Zealand a couple of weeks ago – the idea is to be able to combine all the layers and keep me warm in the icy south.

In late March, all HB participants were asked to complete an online questionnaire for the longitudinal study being undertaken by the University of Tasmania. The study will provide baseline data about how HB participants define leadership, why we chose to participate in HB, and any perceived barriers to accessing leadership training. The data collection will be continued during and after the voyage to Antarctica and should provide some interesting results.

The leadership training has already begun. In early April 2016 we did a Strategy Webinar called ‘Strategy Execution and Balanced Scorecard’ with Kit Jackson from the UK. Kit will accompany us on the ship as a faculty member and continue to work with us as we develop group projects.

In April, I signed up to be part of the global HB Education Outreach project team, and also have become a participant in the Canadian team’s Adopt-a-Scientist program, as one of the scientists school kids can adopt, follow and learn all about.

In early May, I completed an Emotional Intelligence MSCEIT test which is another component of the leadership training course. This training was authored by Susan David, a Harvard professor who will also be aboard the ship with us. She has just released a new book, ‘Emotional Agility’. After getting my test results a week ago, I just did a 1-hr coaching session by phone with a volunteer coach from Sydney – about using emotional intelligence in leadership development. Fascinating! This part of the HB project is funded through sponsorships and donations secured by the HB organisers, so for me it is free.

My fundraising campaign https://chuffed.org/project/women-in-science-changing-the-world is 85% of the way to reaching my target with $4235 raised of $5000 USD. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated! Thanks again to champions Donald Hartley and Karen Flagg of Growing Solutions Ecological Restoration Education Institute in Santa Barbara CA for giving me the first cheque donation  and to Barbara Stewart for kicking off the Chuffed fundraising with the first online donation.

There’s a little story behind my first ever crowdfunding campaign. Last March, I spent 2 weeks in San Diego with my mum Kay North. I spent pretty much every waking and sleeping moment with her, because I couldn’t bear to miss a minute of our time together. One evening, she had fallen asleep pretty early, holding my hand. My left hand. I was wide awake and hadn’t had a chance to get my crowdfunding campaign together yet, but had collated a lot of resources generously posted by other HB women who had already spent a lot of time and effort getting their fundraising off the ground. So all the photos and the faculty info and a lot of simple explanations of what we are trying to do were at my fingertips.

my mum Kay holding a piece of a bottle retrieved from a shipwreck in the Caribbean circa 1960


I learned how to type one-handed with my right hand (mum and I are both lefties) on an iPhone, and in just 2 hrs this funding page was done. Only a few typos to fix the next day. I intended to do a separate funding campaign – one for the US and one for Aussie friends and family, but the Chuffed people highly recommended having only one campaign website to manage, all in US $. So my apologies to Aussie friends for the higher expense of donating in US dollars.

Let me know if you don’t want to receive my email updates, haven’t received the 1st two updates (3 March 2016 and 18 April 2016), want me to use a different email address, or have a friend who would like to join the mailing list.



p.s. after a flurry of donations today, 14 May 2016, I am now only $160 away from reaching my target. Thank you!! love, Holly


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