Holly’s HB update#5 August 2016

South America and the Antarctic Peninsula

Here is a broad brush pic of where we are leaving from at the  very south end of South America in Tierra del Fuego, and where we are heading – across the notoriously rough waters of the Drake Passage to the Antarctic Peninsula.

A couple of days ago we got this message from HB headquarters:

Couldn’t have asked for more! Brilliant negotiation from Monica on The Ushuaia. 06 DEC Carlini Station (King George Island)  10 DEC Vernadskiy Station  12 DEC Rothera Station (possibly, will have to fine tune later)  14 DEC Palmer Station  16 DEC Brown Station (Paradise Bay)   18 DEC Port Lockroy (Goudier Island) Seen thru the filter of the insights into leadership and science! How they shape our world  –  Fabian Dattner

HBphoneHookup 2
Fabian Dattner

This is Fabian, right, using the app Zoom for our monthly conference call. It looks a bit like the Brady Bunch intro with all the faces in little boxes, smiling and bobbing, or feeding their baby at 5am if they are in a far away time zone.

A few weeks ago Fabian interviewed famous Australian underwater filmmaker Valerie Taylor who at the age of 83 is a strong voice for ocean conservation. With the film team, Fabian is interviewing our global faculty to put into the training program on board the ship.

Jane Goodall and Sylvia Earle (at COP21 in Paris in 2015)

Fabian then flew to the US where she filmed more of the global faculty including ocean conservationist Sylvia Earle, primatologist and global sustainability leader Jane Goodall, Amy Edmondson and Bob Kaplan, professors in Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School.


If you have never seen Mission Blue, the film about Sylvia Earle’s life and passion for ocean conservation, it’s on NetFlix. Here’s the trailer.


Monica Araya

Monica Araya, from Costa Rica, is among the newest participants who have been asked to join HB.  Monica works on global environment and development issues. She just gave her first ever TED talk in Banff, Canada, about what Costa Rica is doing to end its use of fossil fuels. Check out her TED talk: 

Deborah Pardo

Deborah Pardo is from France and works at the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge. She is a population modeller specialising in albatrosses. Read more about her here.


On 26 July 2016 we received some great news: the Homeward Bound documentary, with working title “Leading Us Home” is one of six documentary projects to be selected for funding in 2016 by Good Pitch2 Australia. Good Pitch finds philanthropic funding partners to support filmmaking for social change. The six Australian docos selected are here .

catch ya soon!  xo holly


2 thoughts on “Holly’s HB update#5 August 2016”

  1. Holly, this is so exciting for our beautiful world. The knowledge and commitment of so many brilliant women is sensational. Thank you!!

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