Holly’s HB update #12

unloading the ferry Yaghan in Puerto Williams
heaps of glaciers in the Chilean wilderness of Tierra del Fuego

Torres del Paine National Park was a relaxing way to decompress from work and the long journey getting ready and travelling to South America. I was starting to feel acclimatised after the heat and humidity of summer at home (too hot to try on any merino layers before i left!!) and getting used to living out of backpacks and wearing lots more clothes than usual. My next plan was to take a sea journey from the mainland of South America to Tierra del Fuego, to join the ship in Ushuaia.

From Punta Arenas I took a ferry west through the Straits of Magellan, then out into the Pacific Ocean and south to duck back into protected waters in glacial fiords that eventually connect up with the Beagle Channel Holly’s HB update #13 (see next update for a map of our voyage). We saw heaps of whales, including orcas and minkes. After 2 days of motoring through Tierra del Fuego, we landed in Puerto Williams, which is across the Beagle Channel from Ushuaia. Puerto Williams is in Chile, and Ushuaia is in Argentina. They are such different towns, Puerto Williams has about 400 residents and nothing much happens there. The shops are closed most of the time, and it is cold and windy. A very good place to catch up on Homeward Bound homework, sitting by the fire in my hostal, which is inhabited by Chileans who work in Puerto Williams and rent rooms here.

In between study sessions by the fire, I took walks around town, and to the yacht harbour to drool at the sailboats rigged heavily for the Southern Ocean.

Pelagic Australis, preparing to take clients to Antarctica

3 thoughts on “Holly’s HB update #12”

  1. Wow Holly, absolutely awesome. So great to catch up on what you’re up to!!! Thank you for sending me the link. Super, super stuff :)))))

  2. Wow! I am so unfamiliar about all of these places. Thanks for clarifying exactly where you are. Sounds like a dream. I am so happy to hear you saw a ton of whales! 😉

    Sdyc Thanksgiving was a small group. We always miss you and of course missed both Kay’s this year. Kay B face timed us and we visited Kay JN after. Last time I saw her she was traveling with you. Today she said the trip was canceled. So cute. I will see Lowell for his birthday tomorrow and again at Finn’s concert Saturday night so it will be fun to catch up. Have a terrific time, be safe and stay cozy warm when you can. Love you! Tracy

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