Holly’s HB update #15


It has begun – everyone is here and at our first dinner together last night (on dry land) I was overwhelmed with the enormity of this mission. We launched right into activities, creating a social media storm on the spot, quite educational for some of the older members of the group, like me! We started hashtagging the hell out of  the theme #mothernaturesdaughters (try it in the searchbox on facebook!).

Monica Araya from Costa Rica and me – the first dinner (photo: Carole Devine)

We got to see a sneak preview of the Good Pitch trailer for the Homeward Bound documentary. We got to meet the faculty and film crew. We got to meet the other participants, and got showbags including a water bottle, notebook, daypack, waterproof down jacket, t-shirt, wow! We met the owner of the ship. We met the expediton leader Greg Mortimer. Greg is one of the first two Australians to summit Mt Everest and has had epic climbs in Pakistan on K2 and Antarctica on Mt Minto. Greg is a consummate leader. But last night, he admitted that he is scared. Understandable, with the daunting prospect of leading over 80 women including the faculty for 3 weeks.

HB showbags, including Kathmandu sponsored down jackets!
the first activity
the name tag tree – all pics Carole Devine
finding our jackets
We saw a video clip promoting HB – check it out here, then recorded a 10 second message to a sick mother/mother earth.


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