Holly’s HB update #17

10 December 2016


We are in the Gerlache Strait on the Antarctic Peninsula. Humpback whales are everywhere, feeding on krill. Pancake ice, or fast ice creaks and comes to life as the ship’s bow gently lifts it and the bulge of the bow wave ripples the glassy water. Snowy peaks and glaciers double in size as they are reflected in the mirror of the sea.

Penguins and Crabeater seals hang out on passing floes. 

that’s me hanging over the rail taking a photo!

Purpose, values, vision and leadership are on the agenda today. 

Our voyage is halfway over, but I want to stay out here forever. It is a hauntingly beautiful landscape. On our second day in the Drake Passage, Sunday 4th December, we began to see icebergs. The air temperature dropped by about 10 degrees. We had crossed the Southern Ocean convergence zone and were officially in the Antarctic Region below Latitude 60 degrees South. 

me with Carol Devine from Canada

 It took me a number of days on the ship to actually meet all the participants face to face, it is such a large group. What a diverse bunch we are! A lifetime of conversations to be had and connections to be made. 

Daniel Medek
me and krill expert Nicole Hellessey


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